Bring your vision to life..

It´s always your choice...

Motivation Board 1
Glücklich sein


to be happy. Unfair and unfortunate things happen, but it´s in your hands how you respond. You can live in frustration or you make the best out of it. You can let people decide or you can take responsbility for your actions and become the best version of yourself. Neither of us can choose the cards we receive, but we can choose how to play them.

You are the only person who is in charge of your life and it´s your choice to make!

What if?

What if all this hard work leads you to one of the most beautiful chapters in your life? What if you believe in yourself and you can live your dreams? What if you would not be so scared? Would you make it?

Who knows?

Motivation Board 3


in your dreams, believe it´s possible, believe in yourself. You are a powerful, admirable & beautiful creature.

Look, how far you´ve come and what you´ve already achieved. That´s incredible.

You survived 100 percent of your worst days & you have all the skills you need to become the person you want to be. There´s nothing you can´t do.

Keep going. The effort always pays off.

Be grateful.

for your health, for your family & friends, for your existence.

It´s a privilege to be alive.

The more you express gratitude to what you have, the happier you are & the more you will have to be grateful for.

Motivation Board 7

Do it.


So tomorrow you can be proud.

It´s never to late to start something new & don´t care about what other people say. They will talk anyway.

If it makes you happy, just go for it.

It´s your story.

You´re the author & the only one responsible for the chapters. Fill it with passion, joy & happiness.

And more important: Feel free to hit them with a plot twist at any moment.

Always remember. You will never have this day again. Let´s make it memorable!