connect to your inner truth & elevate your life

If you are ready to..

find your inner truth

develop your fullest potential

create magical visions

& build stable foundations

Then I´m your mentor to be.

Build yourself & build your vision.

Imagine if you...

  • had a magical vision & you knew without doubt, that you could achieve everything you ever wanted
  • had unshakable confidence & self-trust
  • could live in alignment with your inner truth 
  • felt free from limiting beliefs, negative patterns & self-sabotaging behaviour
  • had strong & healthy routine that guide you through daily challenges

Together we develop your fullest potential & create you life you can´t stop thinking about!

My Coaching Approach



Did you know, that the happiest people are living in alignment with their inner truth & vision?

If you´re connected to your authentic self & have a vision aligned to your inner truth, you´ve already won!

Your journey starts with YOU!

Deep down you already know, what you want your life to look like. Together we uncover your inner truth & deep desires, build strong foundations to guide you wherever you feel like going to & meant to be! 


I´m your mentor, motivator & guide, who will always believe in you & is always by your side!

Self-connection - Vision Building - Mindset Mastery - Embodiment - Self-Leadership

My 1-on-1 Offers

Road to freedom

private Mentorship program

3|6 months high level 1-on-1

High level inner work & vision building experience to connect to your inner truth, free yourself from old & self-sabotaging patterns & embody your most authentic self to live a life full of fulfillment, abundance & freedom!

Choose between 3 and 6 months!

Dive Deep Session

single session


This dive deep single session is for you, if you have a specific topic that holds you back or a problem that burdens you.



My Expertise

Life Coach & Psychological Counsellor

Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach

Positive Psychology Practitioner

May ´22: Mindset & Success Coach (NLP, Hypnosis, TIME  Transformation Technique, EFT Practitioner)

Benefits of hiring a mindset coach

  • You will build a deep self-connection in a safe space
  • You will gain unshakable self-confidence & self-belief 
  • You will build a strong vision for yourself 
  • You will improve your self-leadership skills
  • You will profit with your free & abundant mindset in all areas of your life
  • You have a mentor by your side, always your biggest supporter, who has all the powerful tools & techniques to help you get faster & more transformational results

Are you ready to dive deep
& to create the life you´re absolutely obsessed with?

Then this is your calling !

Self-connection - Vision Building - Mindset Mastery - Embodiment - Self-Leadership