Hey ihr Lieben

ich bin Lisa


und ich freue mich so sehr, dass dich dein Weg zu mir geführt hat. 

Ich liebe es Menschen zu inspirieren, motivieren und ihnen zu helfen, sich ein erfüllendes und freies Leben zu kreieren – wie auch immer dieses aussehen mag.  

Denn ich weiß, wie es sich anfühlt, wenn man ein Leben führt, das eigentlich gar nicht zu einem passt. Der Weg da raus ist nicht immer einfach, aber die einzige Möglichkeit wirklich glücklich und frei zu werden – und dabei kann ich dir helfen. 

Du bist die einzige Person, die darüber bestimmt, wie dein Leben aussehen wird: Voller Stress, Ängste, Druck und Fremdbestimmung oder voller Liebe, Leichtigkeit, Glück, Leidenschaft & Erfüllung.

Ich habe für mich gewählt, wie wählst du? 

This is my story..

Every good story begins in the past – so let me explain my rollercoaster of my life. I was a kind girl.. always nice, always responsible, always reliable. But something always distinguished me from everyone else: I always had big dreams & clear visions. As a kid I wanted to explore the world, to be an outstanding, successful woman, who´s an inspiraton for her kids. As I grew up, I experienced what it´s like to be influenced by society and others. I started to be a people-pleaser, I determined my choices by others & was suddenly very insecure and indecisive. I´ve made compromises and have chosen my career path based on what would be a so called „save“ job and eventually make a lot of money, rather than what would make me happy. So I ended up 3 years later, shortly graduated and unhappy. This was the moment I questioned my whole life – and didn´t know what to do. I had lost my purpose and it took me a few months & tonnes of books to realize: 

I am the only one, who is responsible for my happiness and I have to create my own happiness. 

So my journey to my new self started… 

I´ve dived deep, found out who I am truly are at my core and what´s really important to me. Suddenly my visions from my younger self appeared to me and I was like: Okay, I´m older now, but not really smarter than my younger version was at that point. I´ve always carried my truth, values and purpose inside me, but all the negative past experiences have clouded my inner desires, wishes and visions. I was so focused on what I should do, what was expected from me and what other people might think, rather than what I truly wanted to do. I´ve lost my relationship to myself, doubted all my actions and tried to cover my insecurities with hard work. 

As soon as I knew what I really wanted in life, I faced the next challenge: How do I get there?! Because knowing you´re supposed to do something else is one thing. But to really chase your vision takes courage and lots of inner work. You have to adjust your daily routines, have to get rid of all those limiting beliefs, old (comfortable but self-sabotaging) patterns and you have to escape your comfort zone. 

 It wasn´t always easy, but it was totally worth it all. 

Now I´m a confident, determined and happy woman. I know exactly what I want and how I will get it. I can chose daily what I want my daily life to look like, rather than what other people expect from me. And the more aligned I live with my inner truth and the more I allow myself to thrive, the more abundance I attract. It´s like magic.. with physical laws. 

I had the courage to change my life, to re-connect to my inner truth and to follow my dreams – and so can you! 

Free yourself and you live a totally amazing life!


  • Ich bin ein absoluter Sonnenanbeter & Sportenthusiast
  • Sternzeichen: Stier, Aszendent: Löwe, Mondzeichen: Zwilling
  • Human Design: Manifestierender Generator


  • Ich hasse es, bei Gesellschaftsspielen zu verlieren
  • Manchmal lache ich über die schlechtesten Witze 

My expertise is unique...

Δ   Biophysik (B.Sc.)

Δ   Psychologischer Berater & Lebensberater

Δ   Mindset & Success Coach 

Δ   Positive Psychology Practitioner

Δ   Gesundheits-, Fitness- und Ernährungberater

Δ   Dez´22: NLP, Hypnosis, TIME Transformation Technique, EFT Practitioner

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